Government employees continue to cheat, EXPLOIT older single woman to reward their SUGAR BABIES in website ownership fraud

usually rich and powerful men have the honesty to use their own income, savings to pamper, reward their sugar babies
Only in India Top indian government employees are allowed to CHEAT, EXPLOIT, ROB hardworking older single women who they HATE to get their real girlfriends and SUGAR BABIES government jobs falsely claiming to own the assets, savings, bank account of the older single woman
When the older single woman will complain these fraud government employees are spreading fake rumors about black money, cheating, mental health to get away with their financial, online fraud.
Though the mainstream media refuses to carry the news of the fraud, the 2016 reddit post on government slavery in India, proves that the financial fraud, government SLAVERY of some domain investors was well known, the domain investor worked very long hours for very less money, while the lazy greedy goan SUGAR BABY goan bhandari sunaina chodan of top officials got a monthly government salary only for MAKING FAKE CLAIMS of owning websites especially those exposing her SEX TRADE DEAL

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