After the scammer sugar baby R&AW/cbi employees online, banking fraud was exposed,almost all writing work has stopped

Since 2010, government agencies allegedly bribed by google, tata ran a massive online, banking fraud on the domain investor falsely claiming the paypal, bank account of the domain investor they hated belonged to them and their lazy greedy girlfriends who did not do any computer work, did not invest money in domains to get their girlfriends and associates no work, no investment government jobs .
The domain investor was ruthlessly slandered,making up completely fake stories, so that no one believed her though she was telling the truth.
In 2022, it appears that paypal is disabling the account of many companies,so some of them started making payment using other methods like Payoneer, Bank transfer.
Also since people were creating content mainly for youtube, facebook, instagram, and getting paid, it appears that quora also started paying a small amount.
It appears that some very powerful official was trying to block the payoneer payment and misled payoneer.
However, the domain investor has all her documents like IEC ,so the payoneer payment was received
Then the quora payment was also received which was linked to the facebook account,
Realizing that the raw/cbi employees,sugar babies of top officials, could no longer falsely take credit, almost all the writing work has been stopped

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