Look alike of top sugar baby raw employee slander specialist siddhi mandrekar featured in Macbook air ad

The newspapers times of india, hindustan times carried the macbook air ad on their front page
The Macbook air newspaper ad features a look alike of raw employee corporate espionage, slander, sex specialist siddhi mandrekar one of the long list of raw/cbi employees who are getting a monthly government salary for faking domain ownership, bank account, only for viciously defaming the domain investor, who is paying a large amount for the domain names.
It is an indication of the widespread financial fraud in the indian internet sector, that the government falsely claims that those who criminally defame the domain investor are domain investors, own her bank account when there is no connection at all, in a clear case of financial fraud
So if anyone wishes to find out how the sugar baby of top indian government employees looks like, check the Macbook Air ad . Due to the government policy of rewarding corporate espionage, slander domain fraudster raw employee slander specialist siddhi mandrekar is very wealthy and can afford to purchase an expensive macbook air, while the single woman engineer who the shameless scammer raw employee siddhi mandrekar has ruthlessly CHEATED of Rs 15 lakh annually, EXPLOITED, ROBBED with the help of her powerful cunning cheater sugar daddies for more than 10 years is forced to use a second hand computer more than 10 years old,

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